Twitter and Marketing? Of Course.

February 16th, 2010
by Jevans

About a month ago I met a salesman trying to get better employment in marketing.  As we talked he introduced me to “Unemployed Marketers”, now branding themselves as “The Collaboratory.”

Soon the conversation came to blogging and Twitter, and he started complaining about how people kept claiming Twitter was a marketing tool.

He, however, didn’t understand Twitter and asked me how to use it for the direct sales of an independent auto dealership.

Now, I might have been wrong, but I basically told him ‘Twitter is more for creating a personal feeling which draws people to the business than it is for direct sales.  It works well for service companies, strengthening or changing branding, authors, bloggers, and other businesses who survive on interaction.’

However, I did share GM’s exemplary use of Twitter with him and suggested he look it up on Youtube.

I also recommend Copyblogger and Chris Brogan as good sources for more on Twitter.

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